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Respond2 Method extends the respond method by adding a comment field. For other functionality see the Respond Method definition.


[in] Int32			SelectedResponse
[in] LocalizedText	Comment

The parameters are defined in Table 30

Table 30 – Respond2 parameters

Argument Description
SelectedResponse Selected index of the ResponseOptionSet array.
Comment A localized text to be applied to the Dialog.

If the Comment argument is NULL (both locale and text are empty) it will be ignored and any existing comments will remain unchanged. If the comment is to be reset, an empty text with a locale shall be provided.

Method result codes in Table 31 (defined in Call Service)

Table 31 – Respond2 Result Codes

Result Code Description
Bad_DialogNotActive See Table 135 for the description of this result code.
Bad_DialogResponseInvalid See Table 135 for the description of this result code.

Table 32 specifies the AddressSpace representation for the Respond2 Method.

Table 32 – Respond2 Method AddressSpace definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName Respond2
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable InputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory
AlwaysGeneratesEvent ObjectType AuditConditionRespondEventType    Defined in 5.10.5    
A & C Dialog          

If Auditing is supported, this Method shall generate an Event of AuditConditionRespondEventType for all invocations of the Method.

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