DA Branches are represented in the COM UA Wrapper as Objectsof FolderType.

The top-level branch (the root) should be represented by an Objectwhere the BrowseNameis the Server ProgId.

The OPC DA Address space hierarchy is discovered using the ChangeBrowsePosition from the Root and BrowseOPCItemIds to get the Branches, Items and Properties.

The name returned from the BrowseOPCItemIds enumString is used as the BrowseName and the DisplayName for each Branch. See also clause A.3.1.5.

The ItemId obtained using the GetItemID is used as a part of the NodeId for each Branch. See also clause A.3.1.5.

An OPC UA Folderrepresenting a DA Branch uses the Organizes Referencesto reference child DA Branches and uses HasComponent Referencesfor DA Leafs (Items). It is acceptable for customized wrappers to use a sub-type of these ReferenceTypes.