OPC 10000-8: UA Part 8: DataAccess

Released 1.04 (Replaced by 1.05.03)


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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, definitions and abbreviations 3.1 Terms and definitions 3.1.1 DataItem 3.1.2 AnalogItem 3.1.3 DiscreteItem 3.1.4 ArrayItem 3.1.5 EngineeringUnits 3.2 Abbreviations and symbols 4 Concepts 5 Model 5.1 General 5.2 SemanticsChanged 5.3 Variable Types 5.3.1 DataItemType 5.3.2 AnalogItemType 5.3.3 DiscreteItemType General TwoStateDiscreteType MultiStateDiscreteType MultiStateValueDiscreteType 5.3.4 ArrayItemType General YArrayItemType XYArrayItemType ImageItemType CubeItemType NDimensionArrayItemType 5.4 Address Space model 5.5 Attributes of DataItems 5.6 DataTypes 5.6.1 Overview 5.6.2 Range 5.6.3 EUInformation 5.6.4 ComplexNumberType 5.6.5 DoubleComplexNumberType 5.6.6 AxisInformation 5.6.7 AxisScaleEnumeration 5.6.8 XVType 6 Data Access specific usage of Services 6.1 General 6.2 PercentDeadband 6.3 Data Access status codes 6.3.1 Overview 6.3.2 Operation level result codes 6.3.3 LimitBits Annex A (informative): OPC COM DA to UA Mapping A.1 Introduction A.2 Security Considerations A.3 COM UA wrapper for OPC DA Server A.3.1 Information Model mapping A.3.1.1 General A.3.1.2 Branch A.3.1.3 Item A.3.1.4 Property A.3.1.5 BrowseName and DisplayName Mapping A.3.2 Data and error mapping A.3.2.1 General A.3.2.2 Value A.3.2.3 Quality A.3.2.4 Timestamp A.3.3 Read data A.3.4 Write Data A.3.5 Subscriptions A.4 COM UA proxy for DA Client A.4.1 Guidelines A.4.2 Information Model and Address Space mapping A.4.2.1 General A.4.2.2 Object Nodes A.4.2.3 Variable Nodes A.4.2.4 Namespace Indices A.4.3 Data and error mapping A.4.3.1 General A.4.3.2 Value A.4.3.3 Quality A.4.3.4 Timestamp A.4.4 Read data A.4.5 Write data A.4.6 Subscriptions