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This structure defines the information for auxiliary axis for ArrayItemType Variables.

There are three typical uses of this structure:

  1. The step between points is constant and can be predicted using the range information and the number of points. In this case, axisSteps can be set to NULL.
  2. The step between points is not constant, but remains the same for a long period of time (from acquisition to acquisition for example). In this case, axisSteps contains the value of each step on the axis.
  3. The step between points is not constant and changes at every update. In this case, a type like XYArrayType shall be used and axisSteps is set to NULL. Its elements are defined in Table 23.

Table 23 – AxisInformation DataType structure

Name Type Description
AxisInformation structure  
         engineeringUnits          EUInformation Holds the information about the engineering units for a given axis.
         eURange          Range Limits of the range of the axis
         title          LocalizedText User readable axis title, useful when the units are %, the Title may be “Particle size distribution”
         axisScaleType          AxisScaleEnumeration LINEAR, LOG, LN, defined by AxisSteps
         axisSteps          Double[] Specific value of each axis steps, may be set to “Null” if not used

When the steps in the axis are constant, axisSteps may be set to “Null” and in this case, the Range limits are used to compute the steps. The number of steps in the axis comes from the parent ArrayItem.ArrayDimensions.

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