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Table 98 describes the details of the Base Client Behaviour Facet. This Facet indicates that the Client supports behaviour that Clients shall follow for best use by operators and administrators. They include allowing configuration of an endpoint for a server without using the discovery service set; Support for manual security setting configuration and behaviour with regard to security issues; support for Automatic reconnection to a disconnected server. These behaviours can only be tested in a test lab. They are best practice guidelines.

Table 98 – Base Client Behaviour Facet

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Base Information Base Info Client Remote Nodes True
Discovery   Services Discovery   Client   Configure Endpoint False
Security Security Administration False
Security Security Administration – XML Schema False
Security Security Certificate Administration False
Session   Services Session   Client   Auto Reconnect True
Subscription   Services Subscription   Client   Multiple False
Subscription   Services Subscription   Client   Publish Configurable False

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