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Table 92 describes the details of the Standard UA Server Profile. This Profile is a FullFeatured Profile that defines a minimum set of functionality required for PC based OPC UA servers. Such a server must provide the base AddressSpace structure with type nodes, instance nodes and diagnostic information. The Server must provide connection establishment through the OPC UA TCP binary protocol with security and the creation of at least 50 parallel sessions. It includes view services like browsing and the attribute services for reading and writing of current values. In addition, the monitoring of data changes is included with a minimum of 5 subscriptions for half of the required sessions (total 225) and a minimum of 500 monitored items for half of the subscriptions (total 56250).

Table 92 – Standard UA Server Profile

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Profile Embedded UA Server Profile False
Profile Enhanced DataChange Subscription Server Facet False
Profile User Token – X509 Certificate Server Facet False
Attribute   Services Attribute   Write StatusCode & Timestamp True
Base Information Base Info Diagnostics False
Discovery   Services Discovery   Register False
Discovery   Services Discovery   Register2 True
Session   Services Session   Cancel False
Session   Services Session   Change User True
Session   Services Session   Minimum 50 Parallel False
View Services View Minimum Continuation Point 05 False

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