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Table 44 describes the details of the ComplexType Server Facet. This Facet extends the Core Server Facet to include Variables with Complex Data, i.e. data that are composed of multiple elements such as a structure and where the individual elements are exposed as component variables. Support of this Facet requires the implementation of structured DataTypes and Variables that make use of these DataTypes. The Read, Write and Subscriptions service set shall support the encoding and decoding of these structured DataTypes. As an option the Server can also support alternate encodings, such as an XML encoding when the binary protocol is currently used and vice-versa.

Table 44 – ComplexType Server Facet

Group Conformance Unit / Profile Title Optional
Address Space Model Address Space Complex Data Dictionary False
Attribute   Services Attribute   Alternate Encoding True
Attribute   Services Attribute   Read Complex False
Attribute   Services Attribute   Write Complex False
Monitored Item Services Monitor Alternate Encoding True

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