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A UAMethod is a subtype of the UAInstance defined in F.7. It represents a Method Node. The fields in the UAMethod type are defined in Table F.9.

Table F.9 – UAMethod

Element Type Description
All of the fields from the UAInstance type described in F.7.    
MethodDeclarationId NodeId May be specified for Method Nodes that are a target of a HasComponent reference from a single Object Node. It is the NodeId of the UAMethod with the same BrowseName contained in the TypeDefinition associated with the Object Node.
If the TypeDefinition overrides a Method inherited from a base ObjectType then this attribute shall reference the Method Node in the subtype.
UserExecutable Boolean Still in schema but no longer used.
ArgumentDescription UAMethodArgument [] A list of Descriptions for the Method Node Arguments.
Each entry has a Name which uniquely identifies the Argument that the Descriptions apply to. There shall only be one entry per Name.
Each entry also has a list of Descriptions for the Argument in different locales. There shall be only one entry per locale per Argument.

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