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A UAMethod is a subtype of the UAInstance defined in F.7. It represents a Method Node. The fields in the UAMethod type are defined in Table F.9.

Table F.9 – UAMethod

Element Type Description
All of the fields from the UAInstance type described in F.7.    
MethodDeclarationId NodeId    May be specified for Method Nodes that are a target of a HasComponent reference from a single Object Node. It is the NodeId of the UAMethod with the same BrowseName contained in the TypeDefinition associated with the Object Node.If the TypeDefinition overrides a Method inherited from a base ObjectType then this attribute shall reference the Method Node in the subtype.
Executable Boolean Not used. Kept in schema for backward compatibility.
UserExecutable Boolean Not used. Kept in schema for backward compatibility.
ArgumentDescription UAMethodArgument []    A list of Descriptions for the Method Node Arguments.   Each entry has a Name which uniquely identifies the Argument that the Descriptions apply to. There shall only be one entry per Name.Each entry also has a list of Descriptions for the Argument in different locales. There shall be only one entry per locale per Argument.

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