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A TypeDescription describes the structure of a binary encoded value. A TypeDescription is an abstract base type and only instances of subtypes may appear in a TypeDictionary. The components of a TypeDescription are described in Table E.2.

Table E.2 – TypeDescription Components

Name Type Description
Documentation Documentation An element that contains human readable text and XML that describes the type. This element should capture any semantic information that would help a human to understand what is contained in the value.
Name xs: NCName An attribute that specifies a name for the TypeDescription that is unique within the dictionary. The fields of structured types reference TypeDescriptions by using this name qualified with the dictionary namespace URI.
DefaultByteOrder ByteOrder An attribute that specifies the default ByteOrder for the type description.
This value overrides the setting in any TypeDictionary or in any StructuredType that references the type description.
anyAttribute * Authors of a TypeDictionary may add their own attributes to any TypeDescription that shall be qualified with a namespace defined by the author. Applications should not be required to understand these attributes in order to interpret a binary encoded instance of the type.

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