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This DataType is an enumeration that defines the execution state of the Server. Its values are defined in Table 136.

Table 136 – ServerState Values

Value Description
RUNNING_0 The Server is running normally. This is the usual state for a Server.
FAILED_1 A vendor-specific fatal error has occurred within the Server. The Server is no longer functioning. The recovery procedure from this situation is vendor-specific. Most Service requests should be expected to fail.
NO_CONFIGURATION_2 The Server is running but has no configuration information loaded and therefore does not transfer data.
SUSPENDED_3 The Server has been temporarily suspended by some vendor-specific method and is not receiving or sending data.
SHUTDOWN_4 The Server initiated a shut down or is in the process of shutting down. This ServerState is intended as an indication to Clients connected to the Server to orderly disconnect from the Server before the Server completes the shut down.
TEST_5 The Server is in Test Mode. The outputs are disconnected from the real hardware, but the Server will otherwise behave normally. Inputs may be real or may be simulated depending on the vendor implementation. StatusCode will generally be returned normally.
COMMUNICATION_FAULT_6 The Server is running properly, but is having difficulty accessing data from its data sources. This may be due to communication problems or some other problem preventing the underlying device, control system, etc. from returning valid data. It may be a complete failure, meaning that no data is available, or a partial failure, meaning that some data is still available. It is expected that items affected by the fault will individually return with a BAD FAILURE status code indication for the items.
UNKNOWN_7 This state is used only to indicate that the OPC UA Server does not know the state of underlying system.

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in Table 137.

Table 137 – ServerState Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ServerState
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable EnumStrings LocalizedText[] PropertyType Mandatory

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