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An EnumeratedType describes a binary-encoded numeric value that has a fixed set of valid values. The encoded binary value described by an EnumeratedType is always an unsigned integer with a length specified by the LengthInBits attribute.

The names for each of the enumerated values are not required to interpret the binary encoding, however, they form part of the documentation for the type.

The components of an EnumeratedType are described in Table C.4.

Table C.4 – EnumeratedType components

Name Type Description
OpaqueType OpaqueTypeDescription    An EnumeratedType inherits all elements and attributes defined for a TypeDescription in Table C.2 and for an OpaqueType defined in Table C.3.The LengthInBits attribute shall always be specified.
EnumeratedValue EnumeratedValue One or more elements that describe the possible values for the instances of the type.
IsOptionSet xs:boolean An attribute which when set to ‘true’ indicates an EnumeratedType represents an OptionSet..

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