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The components of this parameter are defined in Table 172.

Table 172 – ReferenceDescription

Name Type Description
ReferenceDescription structure Reference parameters returned for the Browse Service.
   referenceTypeId NodeId NodeId   of the ReferenceType that defines the Reference.
   isForward Boolean If the value is TRUE, the Server followed a forward Reference. If the value is FALSE, the Server followed an inverse Reference.
   nodeId    ExpandedNodeId    NodeId   of the TargetNode as assigned by the Server identified by the Server index. The ExpandedNodeId type is defined in 7.16.If the serverIndex indicates that the TargetNode is a remote Node, then the nodeId shall contain the absolute namespace URI. If the TargetNode is a local Node the nodeId shall contain the namespace index.
   browseName1 QualifiedName The BrowseName of the TargetNode.
   displayName LocalizedText The DisplayName of the TargetNode.
   nodeClass1 NodeClass NodeClass   of the TargetNode.
   typeDefinition1    ExpandedNodeId Type definition NodeId of the TargetNode. Type definitions are only available for the NodeClasses Object and Variable. For all other NodeClasses a null NodeId shall be returned.
1) If the Server index in the ExpandedNodeId indicates that the TargetNode is a remote Node, then the browseName, nodeClass and typeDefinition may be null or empty. If they are not null or empty, they might not be up to date because the local Server might not continuously monitor the remote Server for changes. The displayName shall be provided for remote Nodes.    

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