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This Service is used to terminate a SecureChannel.

The request Messages shall be signed with the appropriate key associated with the current token for the SecureChannel. Parameters ToC

Table 13 defines the parameters for the Service.

Specific protocol mappings defined in OPC 10000-6 may choose to omit the response.

Table 13 – CloseSecureChannel Service Parameters

Name Type Description
   requestHeader RequestHeader    Common request parameters. The authenticationToken is always null.The type RequestHeader is defined in 7.33.
   secureChannelId BaseDataType    The identifier for the SecureChannel to close.The concrete security protocol definition in OPC 10000-6 chooses the concrete DataType.
   responseHeader ResponseHeader Common response parameters (see 7.34 for ResponseHeader definition). Service results ToC

Table 14 defines the Service results specific to this Service. Common StatusCodes are defined in Table 182.

Table 14 – CloseSecureChannel Service Result Codes

Symbolic Id Description
Bad_SecureChannelIdInvalid See Table 182 for the description of this result code.

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