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This Service requests the Subscription to republish a NotificationMessage from its retransmission queue. If the Server does not have the requested Message in its retransmission queue, it returns an error response.

See for the detail description of the behaviour of this Service.

See 6.7 for a description of the issues and strategies regarding reconnect handling and Republish. Parameters ToC

Table 98 defines the parameters for the Service.

Table 98 – Republish Service Parameters

Name Type Description
   requestHeader RequestHeader Common request parameters (see 7.33 for RequestHeader definition).
   subscriptionId IntegerId The Server assigned identifier for the Subscription to be republished (see 7.19 for IntegerId definition).
      retransmitSequence   Number Counter The sequence number of a specific NotificationMessage to be republished (see 7.8 for Counter definition).
   responseHeader ResponseHeader Common response parameters (see 7.34 for ResponseHeader definition).
   notificationMessage Notification Message The requested NotificationMessage. The NotificationMessage parameter type is specified in 7.26. Service results ToC

Table 99 defines the Service results specific to this Service. Common StatusCodes are defined in Table 182.

Table 99 – Republish Service Result Codes

Symbolic Id Description
Bad_SubscriptionIdInvalid See Table 182 for the description of this result code.
Bad_MessageNotAvailable The requested message is no longer available.

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