Nodesand their Referencesto each other are illustrated using figures. Figure 1illustrates the conventions used in these figures.


Figure 1– AddressSpace Node diagrams

In these figures, rectangles represent Nodes. Noderectangles may be titled with one or two lines of text. When two lines are used, the first text line in the rectangle identifies the NodeClassand the second line contains the BrowseName. When one line is used, it contains the BrowseName.

Noderectangles may contain boxes used to define their Attributesand References. Specific names in these boxes identify specific Attributesand References.

Shaded rectangles with rounded corners and with arrows passing through them represent References. The arrow that passes through them begins at the SourceNodeand points to the TargetNode. Referencesmay also be shown by drawing an arrow that starts at the Referencename in the “References” box and ends at the TargetNode.