A variety of rules are used to reduce the amount of traffic on the network in the case of multicast or broadcast communication.

A Subscriber should cache configuration information for PublisherId and DataSetWriterIds of interest.

If a Subscriber requires information from Publishers after a startup or version change detection, discovery probes shall be randomly delayed in the range of 100 ms to 500 ms. The probe shall be skipped if the information is already received during this time or another Subscriber sent already a probe and the announcement to this probe is used.

A Subscriber shall wait for a announcement at least 500 ms. As long as not all announcements are received, the Subscriber requests the missing information. It should double the time period between following probes until all needed announcements are received or denied. The maximum period is Subscriber specific.

A Publisher shall delay subsequent announcements for a combination of probe type and identifier like the DataSetWriterId for at least 500 ms. Duplicate probes, that have not yet been responded to, shall be discarded by the Publisher. The maximum delay is Publisher specific.

If the Publisher receives discovery probes for different DataSetWriters in one WriterGroup, the Publisher shall send one aggregated discovery announcement.