Specifies the interval in milliseconds with Data Type Duration at which the Publisher shall send the DataSetMetaData to the MetaDataQueueName. A value of 0 or any negative value shall be interpreted as infinite interval.

The broker transport shall publish all messages with an expiration time that is equal or greater than this value.

If the update time is infinite, a broker transport shall attempt to negotiate message retention if possible. In this case the DataSetMetaDatais only sent if the ConfigurationVersionof the corresponding DataSetMetaDatais changed and DataSetWritersshall try to negotiate AtLeastOnce_2 or ExactlyOnce_4 delivery guarantees with the broker for any DataSetMetaDatasent to ensure meta data is available to readers.

The DataSetWriterPropertiessettings apply also to DataSetMetaDatasent to the queue named through the MetaDataQueueNameparameter.