This Structure DataType is used to indicate configuration changes in the information published for a DataSet. The ConfigurationVersionDataType is formally defined in Table 8.

Table 8 – ConfigurationVersionDataType Structure








The MajorVersion reflects the time of the last major change of the DataSet content. The VersionTime DataType is defined in OPC 10000-4.

To assure interoperability, the Subscriber has to use DataSetMetaData for decoding with a MajorVersion that matches the MajorVersion in DataSetMessages sent by the Publisher.

Removing fields from the DataSet content, reordering fields, adding fields in between other fields or a DataType change in fields shall result in an update of the MajorVersion.

If at least one Property value of a DataSetMetaData field changes, the MajorVersion shall be updated.

There can be situations where older configurations of a Publisher are loaded and changed with product specific configuration tools. In this case the MajorVersion shall be updated if the configuration tool is not able to verify if the change only extends the configuration and does not change the existing content.

Additional criteria for changing MajorVersion or MinorVersion are defined in this specification.



The MinorVersion reflects the time of the last change.

Only the MinorVersion shall be updated if fields are added at the end of the DataSet content.

If the MajorVersion version is updated, the MinorVersion is updated to the same value as MajorVersion.