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For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in OPC 10000-1, OPC 10000-3, and OPC 10000-4, as well as the following apply.

3.1.1 DataSetClass

template declaring the content of a DataSet

Note 1 to entry: A DataSetClass is used to type DataSets for use in several Publishers and for filtering in Subscribers.

3.1.2 DataSetMetaData

data describing the content and semantic of a DataSet

3.1.3 DataSetReader

entity receiving DataSetMessages from a Message Oriented Middleware


entity creating DataSetMessages from DataSets and publishing them through a Message Oriented Middleware


configuration of application-data to be published as DataSet

Note 1 to entry: A PublishedDataSet can be a list of monitored Variables or an Event selection.

3.1.6 SecurityGroup

grouping of security settings and security keys used to access messages from a Publisher

Note 1 to entry: A SecurityGroup is an abstraction that represents the security settings and security keys that can be used to access messages from a Publisher. A SecurityGroup is identified with a unique identifier called the SecurityGroupId. The SecurityGroupId is unique within the Security Key Service.

3.1.7 SubscribedDataSet

configuration for dispatching of received DataSets

Note 1 to entry: A SubscribedDataSet can be a mapping of DataSet fields to Variables in the Subscriber AddressSpace.

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