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ReadProcessedDetails structure is formally detailed in OPC 10000-11. Table 6 outlines the components of the ReadProcessedDetails structure for the purposes of discussion in this document.

Table 6 – ReadProcessedDetails

Name Description
ReadProcessedDetails Specifies the details used to perform a “processed” history read.
   startTime Beginning of period to read.
   endTime End of period to read.
   processingInterval Interval between returned Aggregate values.
   aggregateType[] The NodeIds of the AggregateFunction Objects. AggregateFunction Objects indicate the list of Aggregates to be used when retrieving processed history.
   aggregateConfiguration Aggregate   configuration structure.
      useServerDefaults If True the Server’s default values are used and any values specified for the other parameters are ignored.
      treatUncertainAsBad See
      percentDataBad See
      percentDataGood See
      useSlopedExtrapolation See

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