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This is a subtype of AuditHistoryDeleteEventType and is used for categorization of history delete related Events. This type follows all the behaviour of its parent type. Its representation in the AddressSpace is formally defined in Table 14.

Table 14 – AuditHistoryRawModifyDeleteEventType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName AuditHistoryRawModifyDeleteEventType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the AuditHistoryDeleteEventType defined in Table 13, i.e. it has HasProperty References to the same Nodes.

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable IsDeleteModified Boolean PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable StartTime UtcTime PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable EndTime UtcTime PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable OldValues DataValue[] PropertyType Mandatory

This EventType inherits all Properties of the AuditHistoryDeleteEventType. Their semantic is defined in 5.6.5.

The isDeleteModified reflects the isDeleteModified parameter of the call.

The StartTime reflects the starting time parameter of the call.

The EndTime reflects the ending time parameter of the call.

The OldValues identify the value that history contained before the delete. A Server should report all deleted values. It is acceptable for a Server that does not have this information to report a null value. The OldValues will contain a value in the DataType and encoding used for writing the value.

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