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The additional properties and components that compose the ProgramStateMachineType are listed in Table 5. No ProgramStateMachineType specific semantics are assigned to the other base ObjectType or FiniteStateMachineType Attributes or Properties.

Table 5 – ProgramStateMachineType

Attribute Value
  Includes all attributes specified for the FiniteStateMachineType
BrowseName ProgramStateMachineType
IsAbstract False
References NodeClass BrowseName Data Type TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
HasProperty Variable Creatable Boolean PropertyType --
HasProperty Variable Deletable Boolean PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable AutoDelete Boolean PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable RecycleCount Int32 PropertyType Mandatory
HasProperty Variable InstanceCount UInt32 PropertyType --
HasProperty Variable MaxInstanceCount UInt32 PropertyType --
HasProperty Variable MaxRecycleCount UInt32 PropertyType --
HasComponent Variable ProgramDiagnostic ProgramDiagnostic2DataType ProgramDiagnostic2Type Optional
HasComponent Object Halted   StateType --
HasComponent Object Ready   StateType --
HasComponent Object Running   StateType --
HasComponent Object Suspended   StateType --
HasComponent Object HaltedToReady   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object ReadyToRunning   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object RunningToHalted   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object RunningToReady   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object RunningToSuspended   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object SuspendedToRunning   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object SuspendedToHalted   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object SuspendedToReady   TransitionType --
HasComponent Object ReadyToHalted   TransitionType --
HasComponent Method Start     OptionalPlaceholder
HasComponent Method Suspend     OptionalPlaceholder
HasComponent Method Reset     OptionalPlaceholder
HasComponent Method Halt     OptionalPlaceholder
HasComponent Method Resume     OptionalPlaceholder
HasComponent Object FinalResultData   BaseObjectType Optional

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