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The fields of the ProgramDiagnostic2DataType DataType are defined in the following table:

Name Type
ProgramDiagnostic2DataType Structure
    createSessionId NodeId
    createClientName String
    invocationCreationTime UtcTime
    lastTransitionTime UtcTime
    lastMethodCall String
    lastMethodSessionId NodeId
    lastMethodInputArguments Argument[]
    lastMethodOutputArguments Argument[]
    lastMethodInputValues BaseDataType[]
    lastMethodOutputValues BaseDataType[]
    lastMethodCallTime UtcTime
    lastMethodReturnStatus StatusCode

The representation of the ProgramDiagnostic2DataType DataType in the address space is shown in the following table:

Name Attribute
NodeId i=24033
BrowseName ProgramDiagnostic2DataType
IsAbstract False
SubtypeOf Structure
Categories Program Basic