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This data type is an enumeration of the signal state.

The enumeration values are defined in Table 28.

Table 28 — ChamberModeEnumeration values

Value Description
NoSpecialMode_0 No special mode active
Off_1 Off state
Autostart_2 Autostart
Standby_3 Standby
PreHeat_4 Preheating
CoolDown_5 Cooling
Working_6 Process running
Cleaning_7 Cleaning
EnergySave_8 Energy-saving mode
ServiceMode_9 Service mode
QuickCool_10 Quick cooling
FlashFreeze_11 Flash freezing
ProofingInterruption_12 Proofing interruption
ProofingDelay_13 Proofing delay
Proofing_14 Proofing
Setting_15 Setting
Defrost_16 Defrosting
Baking_17 Baking
Steaming_18 Steaming

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