The actual main function of Components is not specified in this specification. The following examples of Main Functions do not imply the actual function of the referenced Component.

EXAMPLE 1Charging system: to keep pressure upstream above a set minimum pressure or within a set pressure range

EXAMPLE 2Compressor: to deliver compressed air into the piping with an expected volume flow and at an expected pressure

EXAMPLE 3Condensate drain: to remove condensate from the compressed air piping or a condensate storage to outside the pressure system

EXAMPLE 4Condensate separator: to separate the hydrocarbon contents from the condensate to create a clean condensate that can easily be disposed of

EXAMPLE 5Converter: to eliminates hydrocarbons from the compressed air stream to create class 1 (and better) oil free air

EXAMPLE 6Cooling system: to reduce the compressed air temperature to a desired level

EXAMPLE 7Dryer: to remove moisture from compressed air and dry compressed air to a pressure dew point below the required value

EXAMPLE 8Filter: to remove particles and aerosols from the compressed air flow

EXAMPLE 9Heat recovery system: Main function: to heat up a material or substance flow by using the heat generated by the compressed air system

EXAMPLE 10Receiver: to store compressed air and provide a buffer

EXAMPLE 11Sensor: to measure specific parameters in the compressed air system and provide the data