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The CommunicationSettingsType provides Variables for the communication settings of the Main Control System and is formally defined in Table 68.

Table 68 – CommunicationSettingsType Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName CommunicationSettingsType        
IsAbstract False        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
Subtype of the 0:BaseObjectType defined in OPC 10000-5.          
0:HasProperty Variable DefaultGateway 0:String 0:PropertyType O, RO
0:HasComponent Variable Dhcp 0:Boolean 0:TwoStateDiscreteType O, RO
0:HasProperty Variable DnsServer 0:String 0:PropertyType O, RO
0:HasProperty Variable DomainName 0:String 0:PropertyType O, RO
0:HasProperty Variable Hostname 0:String 0:PropertyType O, RO
0:HasProperty Variable IpAddress 0:String 0:PropertyType M, RO
0:HasProperty Variable IpVersion IpVersionEnum 0:PropertyType O, RO
0:HasComponent Variable MacAddress 0:String 0:BaseDataVariableType O, RO
0:HasProperty Variable SubnetMask 0:String 0:PropertyType O, RO

The InstanceDeclarations of the CommunicationSettingsType have additional Attributes defined in Table 69.

Table 69 – CommunicationSettingsType Attribute values for child Nodes

Source Path Value Attribute Description Attribute
DefaultGateway   IP Address of the default gateway used by the MCS.
Dhcp   States if DHCP is enabled or disabled on the MCS.

“DHCP disabled”  

“DHCP enabled”  
DnsServer   IP Address of the DNS server used by the MCS.
DomainName   Domain name the MCS is assigned to.
Hostname   Host name of the MCS.
IpAddress   IP address of the MCS.
IpVersion   Version of the internet protocol used for the MCS.
MacAddress   MAC address of the NIC of the MCS.
SubnetMask   Subnet mask of the MCS.

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