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The Compressed Air System and Airnets are identified by an Identification Object of the CASIdentificationType which uses the Interface ITagNameplateType and its Properties.

The Main Control System is identified by an Identification Object of the MachineryComponentIdentificationType.

Components are identified by an Identification Object of a subtype of the abstract MachineryItemIdentificationType defined by OPC UA for Machinery (OPC 40001-1). The MachineryItemIdentificationType and its subtypes provide the capabilities to globally uniquely identify the Component and have access to vendor defined information about the Component and manage user-specific information for the identification of the Component. When instantiating a Component, the Identification Object must use an appropriate subtype of the MachineryItemIdentificationType.

For all Components and the Main Control System the DeviceClass Property has its Value Attribute set to a mandatory specific value and its ModellingRule changed to mandatory.

Table 9 shows for each CASPart what value shall be set for different applications like the DeviceClass, BrowseName and GroupName.

Table 9 – DeviceClass, BrowseName and GroupName for CASParts

CASPart Name DeviceClass BrowseName GroupName
Airnet - Airnet Airnets
Charging System Charging system ChargingSystem ChargingSystems
Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressors
Condensate Drain Condensate drain CondensateDrain CondensateDrains
Condensate Separator Condensate separator CondensateSeparator CondensateSeparators
Converter Converter Converter Converters
Cooling System Cooling system CoolingSystem CoolingSystems
Dryer Dryer Dryer Dryers
Filter Filter Filter Filters
Heat Recovery System Heat recovery system HeatRecoverySystem HeatRecoverySystems
Main Control System MCS MCS -
Receiver Receiver Receiver Receivers
Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensors
Valve Valve Valve Valves

For Components that are not defined by this specification, the DeviceClass Property shall be mandatory as well. The value shall match the name of the new Component.

All properties of the MachineryItemIdentificationType and its subtypes shall be used as intended by the OPC UA for Machinery (OPC 40001-1) specification.

To comply with the Finding all Machines in a Server use case of the OPC UA for Machinery (OPC 40001-1) specification, all Components that are considered as machines by their manufacturer or the customer shall be added to the Machines Object defined in OPC 40001-1 and use the MachineIdentificationType as TypeDefinition for their Identification Object. The Compressed Air System, the Main Control System, and Airnets are not considered as machine in the sense of OPC 40001-1, whereas the following Components may be considered as machines in this context (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Compressors
  • Converters
  • Dryers

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