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This specification defines two OPC UA Profiles for an Analyser Server and a single OPC UA Profile for an Analyser Client. They are described in the following paragraphs.

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This specification defines two OPC UA Profiles for an Analyser Server. The Profiles are called Level1 Analyser Server and Level2 Analyser Server.

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Level1 Analyser Server Profile includes the following standard Profiles, which are defined in [OPC 10000-7] and [OPC 10000-100]. Those standard Profiles are mandatory components of Level1 Analyser Server Profile:

  1. Embedded UA Server Profile
  2. Auditing Server Facet
  3. Basic Event Subscription Server Facet
  4. ComplexType Server Facet
  5. DataAccess Server Facet
  6. Enhanced DataChange Subscription Server Facet.
  7. Method Server Facet
  8. UA-TCP UA-SC Binary Facet
  9. BaseDevice_Server Facet.
  10. DeviceIdentification_Server Facet

Table 90 describes Conformance Units included in Level1 Analyser Server Profile. These Conformance Units are in addition to the ones defined for standard Profiles listed above and defined in [OPC 10000-7].

Table 90 - Level1 Analyser Server Profile Conformance Units

Name Description Optional/
ADI Structures Organization of the address space conforms to ADI specification. All mandatory components are included and referenced correctly. M
ADI Parameters All mandatory Parameters are present and located in the appropriate place in the ADI address space. M
ADI Parameter Types All Parameters have correct types. M
ADI State Transitions Only valid transitions and causes are allowed. M
ADI Transition Events All transitions generate events M
ADI Methods All Methods operate according to their descriptions and return valid results. M
ADI Basic Configuration SetConfiguration() and GetConfiguration() Methods successfully transfer complete Analyser Server configuration. M

NOTE: All Conformance Units of Level1 Analyser Server Profile are self-testable. The complete list of published Parameters including those that can be used to configure Analyser Server shall be generated as part of the test certificate.

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